K53 Ebook Sections

This K53 Ebook contains the following four sections:

Section 1k53tips.co.za - ebook sections - K53 Driving Tips Printable Ebook Cover

This section is made up of the K53 preliminary vehicle checks, and covers the Exterior and Interior vehicle checks.

Also covered in this section is the manipulation of the controls of your vehicle. You should learn this section first so that you can learn how to use the controls of your vehicle correctly. 

The K53 Test Report is also dealt with in this section.

Section 2

Section Two introduces you to K53 System of Vehicle Control. This section also introduces you to the K53 System of Vehicle Control – how to use the controls with the mirrors and the Blind Spots in the correct K53 sequences.

Section 3 

This section covers moving off with your vehicle from a stationery position, and then bringing your vehicle to a stop after moving off. You must learn to move off with your vehicle and then bring it to a stop before you get to drive in traffic.

Most K53 Learner drivers fail the K53 Driver’s Licence Test because they do not know how to do the K53 Moving off Procedure and the K53 Stopping Procedure correctly. This section covers both the K53 Stopping Procedures for stopping in traffic, as well as for stopping for parking.

Moving off with your vehicle is the first experience that you will have of being in control of a motor vehicle. It is also the one K53 manoeuvre that you will do the most throughout the K53 Drivers Licence Test.

First you need to be able to move off with the vehicle smoothly and without stalling the engine. Thereafter, you must be able to bring your vehicle to a smooth and controlled stop without stalling the engine.

Also covered in this section are the Four Stages of Clutch Control and how to prevent your vehicle from rolling in the opposite direction.

In this section you will also learn:
  • The K53 System of Vehicle Control.
  • How to read the road using the S.I.P.D.E System of Road Observation and Planning.
  • Identifying and Negotiating Hazards.
  • Avoiding Collisions.
  • Braking for Stopping for in an Emergency.
  • Intersections and Traffic Circles.
  • Overtaking and Being Overtaken.
Section 4

This Section covers the four K53 Yard obstacles – namely:

  1. Parallel Parking.
  2. Alley Docking.
  3. The Incline Start.
  4. The Three Point Turn.
Practical Exercises and More…

Practical exercises for clutch control, push and pull steering wheel operation, etc. are also explained.

This K53 Driving Tips Ebook is compatible with any PDF Reader on your Mobile Device and PC. This allows you to refer to your K53 Driving Tips whenever you need it, wherever you are.

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