Everything You Need to Know to Master K53 Driving!

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This is a How-to-do-it K53 Practical Guide.

In this K53 Practical Guide you will learn:

  1. What you must know to master the K53,
  2. Why you must know it, and
  3. How to do it, and do it correctly.   

You can spend more R10,000 on driving lessons, and still don’t know everything you need to know to pass your K53 Driving Licence Test.

By the time you’ve gone through this book you will know how to:

  • Pass your K53 Driving Licence Test,
  • Drive a motor vehicle safely, expertly and efficiently.

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K53 Driving Tips EBook Contents


More about this EBook

  • This K53 Driving Tips Printable EBook contains all the information that you need to pass your K53 Driving Licence Test and drive safely.
  • Is an easy to follow step-by-step instruction manual.
  • This K53 Printable EBook contains clear and easy to follow instructions with lots of full-colour photographs and illustrations.
  • All K53 Modules can be printed individually, if you want to. 
  • This K53 Printable EBook contains more than 300 pages of expert and proven K53 Tips for Learners and Advanced Drivers. 
  • This K53 Printable EBook is compiled by an I.C.M.T.U. qualified advanced driver trainer, and N.R.S.C. Driver of the Year winner with more than 35 years professional and learner driver training experience.
  • This K53 Printable EBook is up to date with the current South African K53 driving standards. 

With this K53 Driving Tips Printable Ebook you will learn how to:

  • Drive a motor vehicle and negotiate traffic confidently and safely according to the K53 Standard.
  • Use the controls of your vehicle correctly, safely, and efficiently.
  • Control the movement of your vehicle at a crawling speed during your K53 Driving Test without rolling your vehicle in the opposite direction.
  • Expertly manoeuvre and park your vehicle in confined spaces.
  • Pass the K53 Driving Licence Test with ease.

Some Great Advantages of Using an Ebook are:

  • You can easily search any subject that you need to find in the ebook. 

For example, if you want to look up the four stages of clutch control, you simply type the word “clutch” into the search box and all the subjects relating to the clutch of a vehicle will show up.

  • You can conveniently carry it with you on your mobile device and consult it anywhere and at any time that you need to.
  • You don’t need a light when you want to read and study in the dark.
  • With this printable eBook you can print any page/s if you need to.

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K53 Module 1 – Exterior Pre-trip Inspection
(Code B Light Motor Vehicle) Manual Transmission
The K53 Module 1 - Exterior Pre-trip Inspection Website Flip Book

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